Kitchen Reno

 The old dark black wood kitchen

 and well worn blue carpet that came with the house when we bought it.

 Also the original lighting and blinds

With the wall down there's already a lot more light

The magnolia tree in flower...well some flowers after the possum ate most of them but that's a whole other story for next spring.

 Our improvised kitchen bench and camp stove after we cleaned up 70 years of  mouse droppings when the old kitchen came out. I sold that kitchen for $1500 on ebay
if anyone is wondering what to do with their old one

 The original Tassie oak floor boards needing a good polish but still lovely. Note it was bath time in the  laundry sink which we hooked up to the kitchen as we had no bathroom or laundry at the same time.

Who needs a fancy kitchen when you have all this.
 Microwave, slow cooker, camp stove, BBQ and even in the chaos there's always time for fresh flowers

 Production time at the crazy cabinet makers workshop...I'll say no more about him!

and at last installation day

 My Ilve excited when it was being unwrapped

 and nearly a month later the stone bench is installed and the new lighting up

for the final result 

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