Monday, October 31, 2011

White fireplace

 Project fireplace begins today...
 I'm sanding back the old varnish and giving it a coat of white paint
 If it turns out a fraction a beautiful as these I'll be a very happy blogger

 Just what I need on a cold Melbourne day...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween with a glamorous twist

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Window dressing

I'm obsessing over window dressings at the moment. I'm thinking linen and boarders, perhaps a touch of colour maybe a print...decisions decisions 


I'm already looking forward to my chino tomorrow. Time to say good night if anyone is listening...

My favorite mag

Renovation of the year
Home Beautiful renovation of the yearHome Beautiful

Hello gorgeous people. If you've popped in to say hi and have a look and like what you see please go to the competition link above Renovation of the year and click the like button for my entry Timeless Family Kitchen. Big Thank you xxx

Bathroom Before and After


Our family bathroom before in the 80's inspired blue with separate loo which we closed off


After, toned down with Italian floor tiles, Caesarstone bench in Bondi 
and custom cabinetry in satin finish Lexicon Half by Dulex 

Blog addiction

I can see how blogging can become addictive I was up late last night working out all the settings and then dreamt  all night of gorgeous white kitchens and here I am again this morning. We have a long weekend of painting ahead of us. Nowhere near as glamorous as last years Melbourne Cup in The Bird Cage but I think I'll still manage a glass of bubbles.

Gorgeous bathrooms and beautiful tiles

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Friday if anyone out there reads this...

Timeless Family Kitchen

The final result is just as I had imagined...I had warned my hubby if it didn't turn out so we were selling the house!. Alas we're staying. Look how gorgeous the original Tasmanian Oak floors came up and all  the natural light.
The cabinetry is satin finish Dulux in Lexicon half. We were going to go with the classic white on white but the Lexicon was just a bit warmer. We live in Melbourne and the winters are cold enough!

The bench is Caesarstone Bondi. It's a nod to our past life living there:) I'm so pleased with the Mantle it's fantastic. All I need now is a trip to the Healesville Craft Market or some Spode  for Christmas.

 I wish I could give credit to the cabinet maker however he turned out to be a cowboy and I needed to find someone else to finish the job. Thankfully most of the work was done and he had filled my design brief before we fell out.

 I sourced the drawer handles myself after bring home several options. I chose brushed nickle from Schots Emporium Melbourne. They compliment the satin finish and last but not least the shelf above the sink. Perhaps a shop on for something nice to go there.

Kitchen before

The old black wood cabinetry sucked the light out of the room even with all the windows and natural light

Kitchen Spectacular

What am I going to do? Compiling all these kitchens together I think I'm about to hyperventilate..
This kitchen is by Christopher Peacock You can so tell it's American.
This is my all time favorite

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do... x

Mantle Kitchens

I spent hours sourcing ideas for my new kitchen. I knew I wanted a mantle kitchen however I still wanted to keep it modern yet timeless. Aren't these kitchens fabulous.
This is from an Irish Kitchen Designer.

A very modern take on the vintage inspired kitchen

Oh my goodness I think I've just worked out how to do this after several failed attempts. Welcome me to Blogland