Bathroom Reno

The beautiful old 80's inspired bathroom.Isn't it lovely I had it all cleaned up and tidied (not). I was such an awful use of space

The horrible shower that was a nightmare to clean but I did love the blue floor tiles.

During the reno we had no bathroom, toilet, laundry or kitchen at one stage. I hadn't realised we would loose the dishwasher when the kitchen was pulled out so hadn't emptied it so I ended up having to wash up EVERYTHING in the TINY bathroom sink and it took ages. Then a little some body came in after me and rewashed everything again in fairy liquid, only for me to rewash all over again.

Still she was so proud of herself we couldn't get upset

Bath time with Daddy in the old laundry tub connected to the kitchen sink outlet

This wall to the old loo was blocked off to be accesses by the new laundry

It's funny how we take the simple things in life for granted until we loose them, like having to go to the local shopping centre to use the loo or traveling every night to take a shower...
still I'd do it all again in a heart beat. 

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